Hand painting classes

Let the master painter teach you his secrets.

Mr. Mário Duarte is bearer of great value and knowledge. With more than 60 years painting it's not a suprise that he is frequently requested to teach in many schools around the world.


If you own an art school, a studio or if you are from any university and look for a master painter to teach the basics or the profund secrets of hand paintings, please contact him to know more about how to bring this legend near you.



How it works

First - Contact the master

Mr. Mário is a hand painter and a producer of the finest porcelain and despite his age his life is full of activities. You should contact to know his availability to teach. Mr. Mário is really organized and needs time to prepair his classes, so keep in mind to contact in advance.

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Second - Describe your material needs

Working for so many decades Mr. Mário is able to supply you with all the materials needed for hand painting classes. From brushes to pigments, from oils to precious metal paints, all will be available if you need. Order in advance since some items take longer to get.

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Third - Do you need porcelain to paint?

Since Mr. Mário is not only a painter but also owns a factory, you can choose from his designs the shape you would like to paint on. In addition to having a master painter teaching, you can also order some of his high quality porcelains.

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