The founder craftsman

A craftsman with a vast knowledge and career of great artistic value.

Started painting at the age of 14 years old in Vista Alegre (VA) factory in Ilhavo – Portugal, and there produced items of unusual quality and design hand painted with carefully selected drawings resulting in products with high beauty and luxurious look.


Stayed in VA for 13 years where had the privelege to see his paintings being aquired by the queen of England, the Pope and many presidents of Brazil and Portugal of that time. In 1965 he decided to move to Germany to work at the Furstenberg Porcelain factory where he stayed for 2 years developing and enhancing his artistic knowledge. By 1967, he came back to VA where he stayed until 1981 when he decided to became an independent artist in his home city Ilhavo.


It was in 1993 that Mr. Mário founded his own company Reald´arte to offer the market not only his beautiful paintings but also supply it with a high quality porcelain products.






A life time working with porcelain




In the founding year of Reald´arte, hand painting was a daily task aside with the company´s management.


Hand painting classes for worldwide students were always a second love toguether with his work.


Today as yesterday, Mr. Mário still works with the same passion as when he started at the young age of 14.